Image To PDF or XPS

  This is a program for converting image files into PDF files or XPS file.  The program supports converting multiple image files to single or multiple PDF / XPS files.  The program also supports image scaling and positioning. 

This program supports the following input formats:  BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, WMF, EMF, XPS, and CBZ in addition to JPG, JP2, J2K.  Also, This program now supports commandline execution, where the syntax is:
ImageToPDForXPS.exe "pdfFileName" "imgFileName1" "imgFileName2"

(Notes:  Every parameter should be a full path+filename, and be enclosed in quotes.  You can also specify a .LST file for the image file, where each line specifies an image file name with full path.)

Latest additions: 
The program now supports XPS input and output. 
The program now supports LST and CBZ input.

Requires Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.
Requires Microsoft Windows Vista or later for converting XPS to PDF.

NOTE:  Unfortunately, the addition of XPS support to this program (using Microsoft's tools) may result in false-positives when scanning the program with some antivirus programs.  While I am working on a solution, I am also providing the program without XPS support for anyone concerned about this issue.  The program (minus XPS support) can be downloaded here:
ImageToPDF - No XPS

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