This program (with full source code) was written to wrap the Blue Soleil SDK functions into a more .Net-Friendly package.  The project will be maintained on gitHub.
gitHub - BlueSol_NET

Blue Soleil is a Bluetooth stack with an affordable SDK which supports audio connections.  This makes it attractive to developers.  The SDK is provided with examples in C, which can be difficult to follow and also difficult to wrap/translate/use in .Net.  As such, the marshalling of structures is all done in code. 

Bluetooth profile support within this project:
PBAP - PhoneBook Access Profile - 100% complete.
MAP - Message Access Profile - 95% complete.
OBEX - Object Exchange Profile - 100% complete. 
PAN - Personal Area Network - 100% complete.
HFP - Hands Free Profile - 99% complete.
AVRCP - Audio/Video Remote-Control Profile - 90% complete. 
A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile - 95% complete.
FTP - File Transfer Profile - 98% complete.
SPP - Serial Port Profile - 70% complete.
HID - Human Input Device - 10% complete.
Pairing - Exchanging pass-keys and pairing devices - 25% complete.

Init / Connect / Disconnect / DeInit - 90% complete.

The code is free.  Just give credit if it helped you. 

There's also a donate button on the Feedback page if you would like to contribute to the advancement of this library.





Screen Shots: