This is an AFP viewer I started writing a long time ago.  With the help of the AFP community testing and reporting feedback, it has progressed quite a bit since 2003.  Here's a list of features and failures:

◘ Convert pages to many different formats, including PDF, PNG, JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP, and AFP.
◘ Search for text.  Capable of searching multiple files.
◘ Browse thumbnails and TLEs.
◘ Supports objects and structures that other free viewers (and even some paid-for viewers) struggle with.  And if you find something that isn't working right, I'll try to get it resolved.
◘ Extract resource objects for interrogation or use in other print jobs.
◘ Apply overlays and specify spot-color to simulate the final output of your print-job.
◘ Use the selection tool for quick measurements, as well as text and image copying.
◘ Use the compare tool to compare two documents side-by-side.  The second (or 'right-side') file doesn't even need to be AFP.
◘ No trial-ware limitations.  For some reason, this program is free.  If it helps you, consider clicking the 'Donate' button on the Feedback page.
◘ There are a bunch of other functions I added just to see if I could, like Spell-Check (requires MS Office) and SlideShow options.

◘ FOCA - Support for outline fonts is almost non-existent.
◘ BCOCA - No support for 2D barcodes.
◘ GOCA - No support for Cubic Bezier Curves, hatches, weird symbols, etc.